About Us

Our Purpose

Connect Lingo is an organization founded to provide international high school students with 1:1 tutoring through conversational learning to improve English fluency. We offer resources for volunteers or let them use curriculum.

Meet our Team!

Jennifer Guo


Jennifer Guo is a senior in high school. Growing up in a trilingual household, she enjoys the acquisition of multiple languages and is specially interested in psycho-and-neurolinguistics. When she’s away fromĀ  her laptop, she can be found playing tennis, reading English literature, and spending time with friends and family.

Samuel Tesfai

Samuel Tesfai is a senior in high school. He enjoys learning about different languages from across the world and how different people communicate. He is interested in endangered languages and is interested in studying speech across diverse levels of fluency.

Sajid Fahmid

Co-founder/content creation

Sajid Fahmid is a senior in high school. His Bangladeshi heritage has inspired him to become interested and involved in linguistics. He aspires to promote literacy and international relations. Sajid is an avid reader, linguist, and writer.